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Energy-saving production materials

1.Hired work of cryogenic cold insulation project of liquid gas storage tank
Provide cold insulation materials for the following facilities and take charge of cold insulation engineering construction and compaction.
Double-wall steel storage tanks
Concrete/steel double-walled storage tanks
Double-wall steel dome storage tanks
Single-walled storage tanks
Cold insulation engineering includes: liquid storage devices for ammonia, butane, carbon dioxide, ethylene, propylene, nitrogen, oxygen, LNG and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).
2.Cold insulation engineering of cryogenic equipment
Provide all services including expanded perlite filling required by the following cold reserving works.
Air separation unit (cold box)
Argon, oxygen and nitrogen storage tanks (non-vacuum storage tanks)
3.Overall cold insulation engineering of storage tanks
4. Supplementary filling engineering
Use Pull-push equipment for supplementary filling.
5. Perlite for LNG Carrier
Now our company has obtained France GTT Certification, America ABS Certification as well as Britain LR Certification, and has engaged in LNG transport ship service since the establishment of the Korean company. Currently, our company’s service has made our company well recognized in the domestic shipbuilding industry.
6.Perlite vacuum bulk
Our company started to provide vacuum bulk in Eastern China in 2001. We learn from South Korea’s experience and develop vacuum bulk transport tanks, which have lower moisture content (less than 0.1%) compared with the previous bagged products, so that customers can use without heating, and they are non-breakable during transportation. The transport tank is directly connected to the customer's vacuum tank to prevent contamination.